Secret Messages inside Photo!

Add hidden content to your pictures with PhotoCode. The content can be thousands of lines of text or a high resolution photo. You can hide text and pictures that you don’t want others to see into any picture with PhotoCode.

  • No need to hide pictures anymore
    • Hide pictures within other images thanks to the Picture-in-Picture Feature.
    • Max 14 MB per file.
  • No more message encryption required
    • Send your secret messages within photos.
    • Up to 56000 chars.
  • Sample PhotoCode image files
    • You can download sample files below that contain secret content.
  • New Feature Video in Picture
    • Now you can insert video inside images.
    • Supported formats mp4, wmv, avi, mov, 3gp, 3g2

For usage click here

WARNING: Send pictures as documents from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is changing pictures and deleting hidden content to reduce volume.

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